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Laws on guardianship in Florida exist to protect people who are unable to protect themselves. When someone, be it a minor child or adult who has become incapacitated or disabled, is in need of extra care, laws exist to allow concerned loved ones and family to seek guardianship to ensure that such people get the attention, help, care and compassion that they deserve.

Unfortunately, all too often there’s disagreement regarding what is best, and exactly what the ward needs. This can lead to bitter litigation where the best interests of those in need can often be lost. Jose M. Lorenzo, Jr., has helped many families come to amicable resolutions to these problems while keeping the focus where it belongs: on the loved ones in need of care.

Florida Guardianship Attorney

There is a range of different circumstances where guardianship laws come into play, and Mr. Lorenzo has experience in all of them. As a respected Florida guardianship attorney, Mr. Lorenzo has a reputation for representing the best interests of clients all across Florida with responsible compassion, dignity and a forthright approach.

Abuse and Neglect Cases

Guardianship litigation cases often see allegations of abuse or neglect. In many cases, these allegations may be legitimate and it’s important to protect wards from these horrible actions. In other cases, however, family members level false accusations in order to bolster their own argument. They fail to consider the horrible effects such false allegations may have on their family and the ward.

Jose Lorenzo, Jr., handles cases that involve both financial and physical abuse, and can help victims to seek relief through Florida courts.

Asset Management Cases

Guardians have an obligation under the law to manage the assets of a ward in the ward’s best interests. They are responsible for inventorying the assets of the ward, making appropriate investments if needed, providing for the ward’s maintenance and care, and filing annual reports. The courts must approve some transactions, and it’s important to have the right representation to avoid mismanagement and removal by the courts.

Contested Guardianship

There are a number of situations that may arise which involve litigation over guardianship. Mr. Lorenzo has helped adults who don’t wish to have guardianship, and adults who are not legally incapacitated and wish to terminate guardianship. Additionally, he also has experience helping adults who are concerned about the motives, ability or responsibility of a ward, or guardians who are facing litigation from other loved ones.

If you’re in need of a Florida guardianship attorney, contact Jose M. Lorenzo, Jr., for a consultation today.

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