Florida Guardianship Litigation Attorney

Before he even started practicing law, Attorney Jose M. Lorenzo, Jr. learned the inner workings of the guardianship system while clerking for a Probate Division judge. He also learned litigation by immersion, as he went from spending a decade as a litigation paralegal to trial competitions during law school.

Now in his own firm, Florida Guardianship Attorney Jose M. Lorenzo, Jr. uses his unique combination of skills and experience to help deserving clients throughout the entire state of Florida who are embroiled in guardianship disputes. He truly cares for his clients and understands how difficult it is when they are worried about their loved ones.

When Guardianships Aren’t Working

When an adult becomes incapacitated because of health or age, there is hopefully someone who can help to make sure that their needs will still be met. Unfortunately, the people who agreed to provide help at this time of need do not always live up to their responsibilities.

Vulnerable adults often end up in situations where they suffer because of the negligence or even deliberately bad actions of those who are supposed to help them. They are particularly vulnerable to financial exploitation, where friends, relatives or even strangers find a way to take their money or other assets. These bad actors may even attempt to influence the writing of a new will, or attempt to get their own names put on property titles.

Contested Guardianship

When parties can’t agree on the care of an individual, the Court will be forced to make a decision based on the evidence presented. The goal is always to provide the best situation for the person, making sure the individual is in the care of a loving family with all needs being met, financially, physically and emotionally.

Get Help From A Florida Guardianship Litigation Attorney

The longer a bad situation goes on, the more potential for harm. You need to act quickly if your loved one is in a bad situation.

When you are dealing with a contested guardianship, you need the assistance of a competent attorney. Attorney Jose M. Lorenzo is dedicated to helping families and individuals in need.  If you are anywhere in the state of Florida and need help with a guardianship problem, or just want advice, don’t hesitate to call Jose M Lorenzo, Jr. today.

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