Florida Probate Administration Attorney

Probate is something of a terrifying word for many people, and for good reason. Very often, the process of going through probate is complex, and things that begin as minor sticking points have turned into such major issues they have torn families apart. Loved ones say things and take actions that they cannot take back, and litigation gets bitter and painful.

In these situations, seeking legal guidance is the best hope for all involved. Jose Lorenzo Law has experience in dealing with a wide range of probate administration and dispute issues across Florida, and is able to guide clients through satisfactory and amicable resolutions to these problems, often without ending up in court.

Florida Probate Attorney

Probate litigation can take many forms. Estate litigation arises when someone contests or challenges the estate or will of a deceased person, and family members, creditors and other beneficiaries get involved.

Disputes also arise over elective shares of estates. If an estate plan gives a surviving spouse less than 30 percent of their estate, surviving spouses can lay claim to assets that were otherwise distributed elsewhere. Sometimes people challenge the mental capacity of the deceased when they authored their will, or claim that they were under undue influence from outside factors.
All of these factors and more can require the services of a Florida probate attorney to avoid litigation and come to a satisfactory resolution.

Probate Administration Issues

Of course, administration of an estate can also require the help of an experienced attorney. Very often, administration proceedings can be used to distribute assets when there is no formal estate plan. Often, it’s possible to seek summary administration, which is a simplified form of administering small estates. If the estate is large or complex, however, you will need help with formal administrative proceedings.

Ancillary proceedings come into play when someone who lives out of state, but owns property in Florida, passes away. The right probate attorney can represent all interested parties in these issues, including heirs, representatives, beneficiaries, and others. These proceedings are similar to administration in that they have summary and formal proceedings based on the size and expense of the estate in question.

Seeking the right help with your probate issues can help you avoid complex litigation and bitter court battles. If you’re in Florida and are in need of an experienced, dedicated and compassionate Coral Gables probate attorney, call Jose Lorenzo Law for a consultation today.

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