Florida Probate Litigation Attorney

Florida probate litigation attorney Jose Lorenzo is a young, talented attorney with experience in probate law beyond his years in the bar. As a law student, he clerked for Judge Maria M. Korvick in Probate Court in Miami. He assisted attorneys with litigation as a paralegal for 11 years prior to entering law school. Mr. Lorenzo knows his way around a courtroom and he has demonstrated experience with the issues often litigated in probate.

Probate Litigation

Many issues handled by probate courts are mundane. They simply observe the assets of the deceased, subtract any taxes and then carry out the wishes listed in the will or trust. Litigation in probate court is triggered by challenges to the will by the survivors or other parties. Lawsuits regarding trusts are also litigated in probate court.

With probate litigation, lawyers are often working with families at a difficult time. A loved one has just passed and the survivors differ over their interpretation of the final wishes of the one who is no longer there. There may even be creditors suing to get a part of the deceased’s estate, parties previously unknown to the family coming to stake a claim or material errors in the creation of a probate document. A good probate attorney will have to call on a varied skill set to provide the kind of legal counsel required. The lawyer will need good people skills, be a negotiator, a savvy litigator and knowledgeable about estates, wills and trusts.

Florida Probate Litigation Attorney

Jose Lorenzo is the probate attorney you need to hire if you’re in Florida, as he has all the tools to provide elite service. His clients note his kindness and patience with them on very difficult cases involving family members and creditors. He was able to bring their cases to a swift and satisfactory end. Other lawyers in the area request Mr. Lorenzo’s counsel on issues regarding probate law. His peers note that he has a deep knowledge of probate issues and can provide quick, accurate answers to any probate questions.

You may wish to avoid your loved ones going to court to hash out issues over a will or trust. The best way is to hire a lawyer like Jose Lorenzo to help you prepare your estate to help them avoid conflict. It may be too late for you to avoid the conflict and you need an aggressive litigator with a solid knowledge of probate law in Florida. You need to call Jose Lorenzo.

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